Auto Sales Domination Blueprint

There Ain't Nothin' To It...But To Do It!

Focus on the 5...and get rid of the Crap!

Won't it ge great when all the crap language, smeakiness, and non-truths are gone from your selling conversations?

  • "The Boss is out of town so I'll probably be able to get you a little more for your trade if you buy today!"
  • "I just had another couple test that van this you better make a decision or you may lose it...and I probably won't be able to find one at the same price"
  • Cold calling
  • and more!!!

Focus on these 5 major points of selling and you will DOMINATE your market!



P.S. The Auto Sales Domination Blueprint is CLOSED to new subscribers! filled up pretty fast! A new series called, "VSM+" will be released soon...You'll LOVE IT!"

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this videos is great but can you go in more depth about the website and lead generation ? how Can I get leads when our dealership already had the internet department trying to close paid leads coming in already ? … Oh and I WANT THAT BLUEPRINT!!!

Hey Tom, can you sign me up for the new bleuprint. THX

  • Whens the new series come out. Is blueprint still closed?

  • staff

    Blueprint is closed…the new series ANY DAY NOW!

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Add me to the list asap!!! Thanx

Hi Tom, I purchased the Face to Face info on the Auto Sales Domination Blueprint. Is this a continuation of that program? BTW The information I already have rocks. In reading some of the sales copy here it looks like you have added to the course. Either way, put me on the list.

Hey Tom sign me up, looking at starting my career and want a heads up over the other guys at lot

  • staff

    I’ll send an email pretty quick…The cost of the program will triple in just a few short weeks so don’t hesitate, my friend!


hey tom would like the blueprint!

  • staff

    It will be great to have you on the team!

    ~ Tom

Just wanted to make sure I’m on the list to take advantage of your new program.

  • staff

    You’re on the list Larry! I’ll send you a “formal” sign-up page today! ~ Tom

Sign me up for the info…thanks.

Love your stuff, I’m five months into this career and in second place out of twenty seven salespeople and alot of credit goes to your training. Thanks.

  • staff

    Now THAT’S a cool story…THX, Jay – But only ONE GUY really gets you there, right? YOU!! Keep aiming for #1!

My email is above Tom. Sign me up I am in send me the statement cause I’m committed to being a professional and I am 100% dedicated and willing to learn so I can master my trade. Give me more, give me more. give me more!!!!

where do we sign up?

  • staff

    It’s coming in a couple days! It’s getting pretty full with pre-registers. No worries!

Awesome video. Want to start selling the new way. Was a failure with the meet and greet baloney. Customers are to smart and just want low price to shop around for best price. Show me the way.

  • staff

    Yep…it’s dynamite doin’ it right AND finding your back to high grosses and high penetration! Final details coming tomorrow or next day!

I’m intriqued-please send me the details

  • staff

    They’re on the way Mike (tomorrow or the next!)

Awesome TVTV Tom! Especially enjoy the mythbusting parts.

  • staff

    Thanks Jim! Cool of you (a Serious Pro!) to check em’ out! Good to hear from you. ~ Tom

Tom. finally someone who nows how to crack it!!!!!!! put me on your list . I need this !!!

I would love to see the details. Please send them my way.

love it tom iam ready to pay send me the link

Great can’t wait, email me ASAP

  • Put me at the top of the list.

  • staff

    You got it, Larry! Keep an eye on your email over the next few days! ~ Tom

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