Auto Sales Domination Blueprint

Could the "World's Greatest Close" give you another 10 vehicles each month?

Do you really need to know a bunch of "fancy-shmancy" closes?

No...unless you suck at selling!

Look, I have always been consistent in teaching people that proper selling methodology itslef overcomes all potential objections. Objections later on in the selling process happen when you DON'T do it right in the first place!


Sometimes YOU WILL screw up. No problem. I do, too!

So here's my favorite close of all time...Hope you dig it...hope you use it...but only the few times when things didn't go as well as you thought.



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Yes! You have 100% reason!
The selling process happen when you DON’T do it right in the first place!

Yes! You have 100% reason: selling process happen when you DON’T do it right in the first place!

Thanks Tom … I really appreciate this. I am new to car sales and what you are teaching me not even my managers have taught me this. With your blueprint I will taking some of there jobs… They are going to hate me after I learn every thing you teach me … It will be such a shame because they will continue to use the same selling tactics in this industry and dont realize things have changed and you have to sell smarter now. Once again thanks Tom!!!

My goal is to use this close this week and see what happens and I’ll post the results. I can’t wait to give it a go!

I used this close three times this week and grossed more than I have in any December ever!! Great stuff and I look forward to getting the whole package and really start selling!!!

That is very good. thanks again Tom for your pricless information! i can’t wait to see more from you. thanks for teaching.

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