Auto Sales Domination Blueprint

The Math of Making Money!

Let Me Share a DISGUSTING Fact With You...

The average car salesperson in this country sells 7.1 cars per month and makes a meager $28,560 per year.


OK...If you think that sucks...It gets even UGLIER...

The same dude who sells 7.1 cars...should easily make $46,860 per year selling the same amount of cars (he doesn't know the super simple adjustments to make...or just won't make 'em!)


And it gets downright HIDEOUS?

If this dude understood that other regular dudes (like you and me...unless you're a dudette!) can get to $100,000+ inside 10 months... just by following the little known strategies laid out here and in the Blueprint...he probably would!


The next video goes deeper into building these STRATEGIES around the Math for Making Money. It's how you get around the mis-leading beliefs old-timers like to shove down your throat...(heck...they can't even remember where they first heard this junk!)

Hope you dig it!






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Hi Tom love your free videos but how do I sign up for your paid sales course please?

Thanks Tom : this is Great info….Keep it comming….Thanks -Again

Awesome, very informative thanks Tom

I,m looking at starting a carerr in Vehicle Sales and this information has been very motivational. Still a little nervous about it. I have never sold vehicles but being the people business I feel I could do well. I just gor out of the restaurant business. Any suggestions I sure would be open for. Thank you

  • staff

    The restaurant business is GREAT EXPERIENCE for those going into the car business (I was a GM and TRAINER for a large exotic location restaurant company for 10 years!).

    Follow the VSM training…take special note of the “How to land the MEGA JOB” series…and send along any questions you have!

  • Thanks Tom. Thanks encouraging. I will keep you posted.

Sounds like solid information. No need to be in this business if I’m only going to make 40,000 or 50,000

Definitely interested, I need to make good money in this business so I can start my other businesses and get a house and car that actually runs.

Well said!!

Tom you are very informative and motivating

Hi, Tom:

Who qualifies under the classification of a “potential client”? Merely a person in your contact list to call or someone else?


  • staff

    Each relationship you build needs to be one where you believe there’s future value, meaning, they have the potential to buy from you and/or provide referrals (which is MUCH more important!). “Potential client” is either one of these!

    I make this point so that one doesn’t assume a “phone book” mentality where they believe anyone is a potential client…which is NOT true.

  • Well said!

Tom this imformation is awesome looking forward to more. I really love the car sales business. Thanks Wade in Chicago

Awesome Tom! thanks so much for putting these videos out there. I’m loveing every bit of information.
I live in Colorado and i work at a KIA dealership, i just started two months ago and so i’m still trying to figure everything out. These have been so helpful and I am so greatful for your help. I want to become at least a 100 thousand dollar player by this time next year.
Thanks again

  • Tom , thank you so much for thinking of all of us in car sales ! I’ve been a waiter all my life and now selling cars. I came on real strong and have moved from GM products over to Toyota products and now to Nissan.There’s at least always two people always making the money as the others just hangout. Now a total of ten months and very little to none of training…only your videos have help. Do you have any thing on bullets points like “If I could , would yah Mr. Customer !!!” or "Price is the least of the concerns , that’s the easy part of the Deal…follow me!!! You know it’s like playing HOT POTATO….

  • staff

    I have tons of stuff…it will help me, though, if you’re just a bit more specific. Sound cool?

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hhm gr8

this is good information.

I like what he’s saying. right on. love the math. sure.

Tom, have used the previous videos to go from 8 to 12 cars per month—-March was the best month with 26 sold and am currently averaging 18-22 since the series started……thank you and look forward to more! Curtice

  • staff

    Curtice! I can’t wait till you’re consistently at 30+…The times will be good!!!!!

Please send me more videos Tom.

Got something to say? Every once and a while someone comes along whose clarity and insight makes a difference; and that difference becomes the tipping point in an industry. To me, you are that difference. High regards, John redmond

  • staff

    You’re a scholar, John! Thx. – There will now be 125 of us making the difference!

i definitely like it Tom can’t wait for the other two, Please send them to me

  • staff

    They’ll pop each day!

Hey Tom thank you for taking the time away from working deals to make these videos. August 1st will be one year since I hit the sales floor. I read, watch and listen to everything and anything I can get my hands about selling and that includes your material! I have earned over 100k and still have a month plus of selling to do! I’m not sure if I have had the pleasure to study all your material yet so let me know other than you tube where I can check more out!

  • staff

    If you haven’t seen the FREE series, go to and sign-up…there’s some really good stuff there! Also, I read Chet Holmes book just the other day, “The Ultimate Sales Machine”…it’s great if you can get it!

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