Auto Sales Domination Blueprint

The Math of Making Money!

Let Me Share a DISGUSTING Fact With You...

The average car salesperson in this country sells 7.1 cars per month and makes a meager $28,560 per year.


OK...If you think that sucks...It gets even UGLIER...

The same dude who sells 7.1 cars...should easily make $46,860 per year selling the same amount of cars (he doesn't know the super simple adjustments to make...or just won't make 'em!)


And it gets downright HIDEOUS?

If this dude understood that other regular dudes (like you and me...unless you're a dudette!) can get to $100,000+ inside 10 months... just by following the little known strategies laid out here and in the Blueprint...he probably would!


The next video goes deeper into building these STRATEGIES around the Math for Making Money. It's how you get around the mis-leading beliefs old-timers like to shove down your throat...(heck...they can't even remember where they first heard this junk!)

Hope you dig it!






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I’ve been in the business for over 25 years. This is something that I knew but hadn’t used for years. This is a wake up call for me to start doing it again.

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    Hey Larry! Long time. Same deal with me…I think I’ve heard everything at least once, and then I can’t remember if I’ve actually used it before! Cheers!

Thank for your vids. Thay are super good. It takes time to implemet the strategies on swedish costumers but some of them come around

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    If your run into anything in particular, send me the situation…I’ll be glad to help! I did quite a bit of training in the UK a few years ago (I know…it’s not Nordic!), but it solidified my study that all humans have the same 6 characteristics/needs. Human Psyche remains a constant!

Can you help us with writing a contact with our comp plan or ideas that work help us fight for better pay with starting with new dealership so we dont get rip off.

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    Very cool idea! I’ll create video for it and throw into the bonus section of The Blueprint!

Awesome thank you

hey Tom my friend love the videos look forward to learning more and making more money

  • hey Tom sounds like a winner to me buddy lets make it happen

  • staff

    Cool biz! Hey, you’re Avatar is blank and your comes up as “guest”. Who is this?

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